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The Lewis Hansen law firm can help if you find yourself in court, either because you have raised an issue as the plaintiff, or because you find yourself to be the defendant. Our experienced litigators can help across a broad spectrum of issues with decades of court experience, both federal and state courts, as well as administrative forums (often resembling court proceedings). Our litigation experience covers major lawsuits involving business disputes, criminal cases, family law, appellate litigation, personal injury, commercial litigation, tax litigation, and other cases large and small. The following discussion highlights some representative areas of our experience.

The lawyers at Lewis Hansen recognize that in any business, disputes will inevitably arise. As business lawyers, we believe it is our responsibility to draft business agreements and other documents in a way that will serve to avoid or limit to the extent practicable, disagreements and disputes, and to provide a simpler and more cost efficient method of dispute resolution. We recognize that our clients need to be prepared when disputes arise, and it is our mission to provide litigation expertise and services that make the experience as painless and productive as practicable.

The litigation attorneys at Lewis Hansen view criminal matters just like any other form of litigation – we attempt to reach the best possible result for our clients. We recognize, however, that criminal convictions can carry with them serious consequences. So it is our job in representing our clients who are, or potentially will be, charged with crimes, to put forth opposition to their proof in every case – which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, a much higher standard than proof in civil litigation matters.

If it is our informed perspective that the prosecutor will have problems proving its case beyond a reasonable doubt, or if there are other evidentiary issues, then we advise our clients about the issues so that they can make informed decisions concerning the best courses of action. We pride ourselves in our ability to effectively engage with the attorneys for the prosecution in attempting to negotiate a favorable resolution for our clients prior to trial, whether through a dismissal, diversion, plea bargain, plea in abeyance, or similar procedure. We will also zealously represent our clients in bench and jury trials.

In white collar cases, and with our firm’s extensive business experience, our litigation lawyers are uniquely qualified to represent business people who are the subject of criminal or regulatory proceedings arising from their business activities. Our firm represents business clients who have been accused of many types of business misconduct in both court proceedings and administrative hearings, including securities violations, tax violations, and licensure proceedings. While administrative processes are different than court proceedings, both venues warrant the vigorous and knowledgeable representation our firm brings to any matter.

Finally, we effectively represent clients who have been found guilty of one or more charges, in the sentencing phase of criminal matters, to attempt to minimize to the extent practicalbe the consequences of convictions. We represent defendant clients in city, state, and federal courts.

Lewis Hansen attorneys have argued many appeals involving complex civil litigation, civil rights, family law, and criminal defense. We have appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, the Utah Supreme Court, and the Utah Court of Appeals, and some of our attorneys are admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. We have also handled IRS tax appeals and other matters before administrative bodies.

Appeals involve a unique legal process with strict deadlines. Each one requires extensive preparation and meticulous attention to detail. Finally, every appeal should be handled by an attorney capable of arguing with eloquence and urgency. You may expect nothing less at Lewis Hansen.

If you have been physically or economically injured by another person’s negligence, please call Lewis Hansen and ask about a free consultation – (801) 746-6300.

Client satisfaction is our goal, not a high volume practice where you almost never speak to an attorney. Our attorneys have handled a broad range of personal injury cases, as well as professional malpractice claims involving medical care, legal representation, business services, construction, governmental abuse, and more. We are seasoned and aggressive litigators. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, and one is a former registered nurse. Because every personal injury and professional malpractice claim is subject to strict deadlines, and important evidence may be lost over time, we encourage you to call without delay.


The business attorneys at Lewis Hansen have over 60 years of collective experience representing small, development stage, and seasoned companies in connection with all types of debt and equity financings, both in private and public transactions. We assist our clients in every aspect of investments, including structuring transactions, preparation of securities offering documents, and compliance with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state regulatory agencies.

Two areas of particular expertise are assistance in preparing development stage companies to go public, and assisting public entities in complying with their periodic reporting and proxy obligations with the SEC. These efforts necessarily include development of the appropriate investment structures and arrangements, and development and implementation of proper stock option plans and other incentive arrangements for officers, key employees, and consultants. Our consultation also includes advice and assistance concerning corporate governance under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other regulations, insider trading, and exit strategies such as in methods of resale of restricted securities under Rule 144 and otherwise.

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