What Our Clients Say About Us

“I am so thankful I found Candace to do my Estate planning and Power of Attorney. She is one in a million, a true angel! Her insight, expertise, efficiency, precision and thoroughness was so impeccable! She took the time to go through, explain and answer any questions or concerns that I may have had. Candace made me at ease to get something that weighed so heavily on heart taken care of with the utmost care and concern on her part. You can tell her client’s cares and concerns are very important to her.”

-Linda Ward

“I was in a spot where I needed immediate legal help and I was referred to Lewis Hansen Law. I was able to get in touch with someone right away and explain my situation. After discussion, I was assured he would do his best to help resolve my situation. Prior to hiring an attorney, I had used a mediator—my attorney was the best legal advisor I could’ve hired and would hire five times again before going to another mediator. With said, I felt very confident in my decision. My hired attorney is very knowledgeable, personable, helped seek out the best resolution(s) pertaining to my specific wants and needs that fell within legal terms, always very responsive to my questions and requests and most of all, got me through a difficult and stressful time without hesitation. I will be using Lewis Hansen Law for any future legal purposes and will always confidently refer them to anyone that is seeking an attorney.”

-Catherine Ross

“Jim Lewis is a rare find among attorneys! He actually cares, listens, provides smart advice, writes logical and correct documents that are submitted within deadlines, and puts in the extra effort when the “going gets tough.” It is, in fact, extremely hard to find a “good attorney” with these attributes. Many attorneys will tell you that they are the best and come with good recommendations, but you really won’t know them until you have invested lots of time and expenses and see their work product. Many seem interested in maximizing their fees while minimizing their work product, which often results in mistakes and lack of thought to address the important issues in your particular case. Also, many seem busy and unavailable at crucial times. My lawsuit lasted six long years. During that time, one party in the case used seven different law firms, and another party used five different law firms. Thank goodness, I chose Jim, a “good attorney,” from the beginning, so I did not have to start over and over again with different law firms. During my unusual and difficult case, Jim proved his outstanding abilities. While going through the most difficult time in my life, it was great comfort to me to know that he truly cared about my outcome and that I could rely on his sage advice. Finding a “good attorney” is so important to a positive outcome. I will be forever grateful to Jim, his firm, and Wendy McIntyre (Jim’s paralegal), who helped me prevail ‘against all odds’.”

-Kathy Nakai

“I have worked with Lewis Hansen since 2016 and have found their knowledge and expertise to be invaluable. My experience with this firm ranges from employment agreements to family estate planning to senior care for a family member with dementia. I highly recommend this firm and am pleased with the honesty and thoroughness of their work.”

-Kerry Dew
“Finding a firm with experienced team that would respond quickly and listen closely regarding an urgent problem were reasons why Lewis Hansen was recommended. Everything we were told about their professional, personal practice was accurate. Moreover, they worked tirelessly to make sure the time-sensitive challenge was managed perfectly. But for their attentiveness and care, we would not have succeeded. Great people, great firm.”
-Stephen Goldsmith
“Scott Hansen is the most competent, helpful, compassionate attorney. One turns to an attorney for guidance and assistance in legal matters and Scott is most thorough, smart, calm, and systematic. He always takes his time and is a careful listener. I have always felt in excellent hands and given sold advice and exceptional legal work. I would not hesitate to recommend him or his firm. Anyone who works with Soctt is fortunate to have him represent and guide them.”
-Simone McInnis
“I’ve worked with Jim Lewis on a number of small business matters, and I don’t think you can find a better attorney in Salt Lake. He genuinely cares and wants the best outcome for his clients, without any bluster. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney who is straightforward and looking for efficient and effective legal work.”
-William McMaster
“I have had the pleasure of working with the Lewis Hansen Law Firm both professionally and privately for many years, they are wonderful. They are true professionals and are diligent with respect to their clients. They go above and beyond to provide a great service and walk their clientele through each process and difficult times. This firm will go above and beyond to make sure you are kept up to date and are comfortable with how they are handling your matters. I would recommend them and have to anyone needing the services they provide. You can’t get a better team of support and care than with Lewis Hansen Law Firm.”
-Marina Davis
“I had an insurance claim brought against my company a while ago luckily I had Mark Hansen in my corner throughout the process. Mark was one of the most professional and friendly attorneys I have ever dealt with. He treated me with respect and kindness like one of his close friends not a client. I can honestly consider him a friend. THANK YOU MARK.”
-Kelly Kiesel
“I highly recommend the Lewis Hansen law firm. I have been associated with Scott Hansen and his staff for many years. I have relied on this law firm for both personal and community purposes. Scott helped draft the bylaws and legal documents for nonprofits I was involved with. Their success was due in part to Scott’s assistance and guidance. We could not have done this work on our own. I am grateful for their dedication to community.”
-Elaine Caldwell Emmi
“I have been a client of Scott Hansen’s for about 5 years now. He has helped my nonprofit organization with various issues and is currently representing my family in an estate and trust matter. Scott has always provided excellent advice, guidance and helped us work through some extremely difficult situations, and I have felt very comfortable and at ease, knowing that we are represented by such an outstanding and knowledgeable attorney. I have recommended Scott’s services many times and will continue to do so. Thanks Scott!”
-Angela Busch
“Scott Hansen has been my attorney for the last 3 years, guiding me through the heartbreaking path of elderly care for my father. Not only is Scott thorough, attentive and skilled, he is compassionate. When my father was first diagnosed with dementia, I really had no clue how to navigate, care or asset planning to ensure my father would be safe, secure and happy for the end of his life. Scott worked with guardian and conservator services, the courts, and myself creating a plan with my father’s best interest always in mind. Scott is truly so selfless, and I cannot sing his praises enough.”
-Lauren Clayton

Experienced Professionals

We are a boutique law firm, providing customized and informed legal services by experienced professionals. We are experts, authors and presenters in our fields of practice. This background represents a depth of knowledge not found in many other area law firms.