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Lewis Hansen provides a wide range of insurance legal services and specializations ranging from premises liability defense to complicated construction defect defense. We understand the insurance industry and have the experience needed to handle a wide variety of insurance defense cases. With our knowledge and resources, we give insurance carriers and their insureds access to skilled defense counsel to help achieve successful results while maximizing both quality and efficiency.

Lewis Hansen provides a full range of legal services in connection with construction. This includes experience in defending numerous construction defect claims. We defend claims arising from improper grading to overall site improvement development to the construction of single homes to large planned communities. Our philosophy for defending construction related claims is based on cost effective problem solving while utilizing our experience as successful negotiators and courtroom trial attorneys to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

We have a wealth of resources to aid in the defense of all types of personal injury claims. Regardless of whether a slip-and-fall accident, with relatively minor injuries, or a commercial trucking accident, with claimed catastrophic injuries, we have the experience and knowledge to successfully resolve personal injury claims to achieve the most effective outcome for our clients.

Our insurance coverage attorneys have extensive experience in insurance coverage matters. We handle a full range of insurance coverage disputes. We are able to assist in the investigation of claims, rendering coverage opinion letters, conducting examinations under oath, and preparing disputed coverage issues to be determined through the filing of declaratory judgment actions.

Insurance bad faith claims require particular legal expertise and Lewis Hansen’s partner, Mark D. Taylor, has successfully defended many such claims. Mark’s experience in defending against bad faith claims includes the defense of relatively small to extremely large claims.

Successful product liability defense requires, among other skills, the experience and ability to argue against claims that a product was the proximate cause of a particular accident or injury. Lewis Hansen’s product liability attorneys have experience in defending against numerous different types of products liability claims including defense of toy products, food products, and mechanical products, as well as the defense of mass tort claims and asbestos product manufacture claims.

Included in its insurance law practice, Lewis Hansen provides insurance subrogation claim services. We work quickly to obtain reimbursement for our insurance carrier clients, collecting amounts that may have been previously paid as a result of another insurance carrier’s negligence.

Real estate appraisers are the target of unprecedented levels of litigation and disciplinary investigation. Reputations, careers, and livelihoods built over a lifetime are worth aggressively defending. Appraisers need accurate information and strong defense resources to respond to these challenges. Lewis Hansen’s experienced defense attorneys are committed to protecting and defending the interests of real estate appraisers. We will quickly analyze, research, and defend each case to effectively resolve professional liability lawsuits.

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