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Real estate law primarily focuses on the purchase, ownership, and management of property. Whether you are a broker or a homeowner looking for legal assistance, we can make the process simpler and straightforward. Lewis Hansen can assist you with the following areas:

Easements and Quiet Title Actions:

In an ideal world, boundary disputes don’t exist, the title to your property is always clean, and your property rights are clearly spelled out. But, that world doesn’t exist. Lewis Hansen can assist you in negotiating or obtaining an easement, help with boundary line disputes, or fight a wrongful lien.

Real Estate Purchase Matters:

Disputes between buyers and sellers happen. Sometimes buyers or sellers don’t perform their duties under the purchase contract. Sometimes, the real estate agents involved haven’t adequately represented your interests or have engaged in unethical conduct. Lewis Hansen has the experience in the real estate sale and purchase arena to help you understand your rights, advise on possible courses of action, and see that you get the expected result.

Contract Formation and Review:

Lewis Hansen also specializes in creating contracts for commercial and residential purchase and leases that are tailored to your specific needs including promissory notes, trust deeds, and other concerns. Additionally, we can review your existing contract to ensure that your expectations match what is contained within the contract, and to inform you of your rights under that contract.

Brokerage Consultations:

The laws relating to real estate brokerages in the State of Utah are strictly enforced. Lewis Hansen has the experience to consult with your real estate brokerage to ensure you are in compliance with state regulations, and can consult with you on property entity formation, independent contractor agreements, and operating agreements so you can focus on selling real estate.

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Real Estate Law

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