Cost effective, Impartial and Efficient Dispute Resolution.

We are committed to providing, in person, virtual or hybrid, cost-effective and impartial mediation services at all stages of the litigation process.

Our ADR panel of mediators include highly respected litigation attorneys from diverse backgrounds and practice areas. Recognized leaders in Utah’s legal community, they are equipped with the legal acumen, decades of litigation experience as well as the required settlement skills needed to resolve even the most contentious and complex legal matters.

We understand that a successful mediation process is not limited to just a few hours on a single day of the mediation. As a result, we work diligently from the beginning—starting with pre-mediation calls and preparation through post-mediation follow up—with a commitment towards obtaining the best possible outcome and resolving the dispute.

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We are a boutique law firm, providing customized and informed legal services by experienced professionals. We are experts, authors and presenters in our fields of practice. This background represents a depth of knowledge not found in many other area law firms.