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Starting a new business presents a host of legal challenges that can make or break a new enterprise. The attorneys at Lewis Hansen have assisted entrepreneurs and emerging businesses in diverse fields and industries, throughout the state of Utah and nationally (and even internationally), in the successful formation, capitalization, and launch of new businesses.

Our team recognizes the need to understand your business needs and objectives, in considering the most appropriate business structure, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company or partnership entity. Lewis Hansen attorneys take the time necessary to understand the complexities and nuances of your specific business objectives prior to recommending a particular structure or type of business entity.

Our attorneys are experienced and efficient in drafting and filing formation documents needed to establish new corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, other types of business entities. By analyzing and advising on issues ranging from capitalization, taxation, employer/employee relations, and potential liability concerns – just to name a few considerations – Lewis Hansen attorneys help clients avoid the pitfalls that can be the downfall of any new business. We also provide ongoing contract preparation and support for our clients in areas such as corporate governance, compliance, and taxation.

Unfortunately, some business enterprises do not work out for one reason or another, maybe the market timing was out of sync, or the partners found they did not have the same goals. In any case, we can assist with the disolution of the business, or a division of interests between the owners, in an efficient and economical manner.

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