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Our firm has many years in combined experience representing clients in all types of domestic and family law matters. Our family law expertise includes representation in premarital agreements, divorce, child custody disputes, child support issues, adoption, annulments, separate maintenance, paternity, and guardianship and conservativeship.

We know that a divorce is often one of the most traumatic experiences in one’s life, and we accordingly attempt to meet and confer with clients on all of the important aspects of a divorce proceeding, including financial and asset valuation issues; child support and alimony or maintenance; and custody and parent time issues.

Divorces often involve estates or income issues that will require us to identify and work with qualified experts to appropriately evaluate the various financial issues in a divorce, including valuation of assets and analyses of income and cash flows to determine proper distributions and income available for support and maintenance. In cases involving custody issues, we work with qualified professionals in evaluating what is in the best interests of the children and our clients, whether it be a sole, joint, or split custody arrangements.

We effectively present our client’s case in court, negotiations, or in mediation, and vigorously attempt to ensure parental access that is appropriate in each individual case. When mediation is required pursuant to a statute, court rule, or by court order, we prepare our clients for, and assist our clients in, the mediation process. Because these proceedings are often costly and emotionally taxing to the client, we attempt to reach an early resolution when it can be achieved on terms acceptable to our client; however, our experienced litigation lawyers are always prepared to take a matter to trial when it becomes necessary.

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